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Teams of Christians from around the world are passionate for God’s Word and furthering his Kingdom by making sound theology available to pastors, church leaders and lay people. They recognize the importance of Third Millennium’s curriculum as an integral part of their personal growth and a dynamic and powerful tool to train Christian leaders. Bringing their talents together, they translate manuscripts, record audio and produce videos of Thirdmill’s material. We are happy to present these French translations of our materials completed through our partnership with Huguenot Heritage.

Le Symbole des Apôtres
(The Apostles' Creed)

Nous croyons en Dieu
(We Believe in God)

Nous croyons en Jésus
(We Believe in Jesus)

Nous croyons en l’Esprit-Saint
(We Believe in the Holy Spririt)

Qu’est-ce que l’homme?
(What is Man?)

Le royaume, les alliances, et le canon de l’Ancien Testament
(Kingdom, Covenants and Canon of the Old Testament)

Le royaume et l’alliance dans le Nouveau Testament
(Kingdom and Covenant in the New Testament)

L’histoire primitive
(The Primeval History)

  • Leçon 1: Un monde parfait  (Lesson 1: A Perfect World)
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  • Leçon 2: Le paradis perdu et retrouvé  (Lesson 2: Paradise Lost and Found)
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  • Leçon 3: Un monde de violence  (Lesson 3: A World of Violence)
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  • Leçon 4: La bonne direction  (Lesson 4: The Right Direction)
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Le livre de Josué
(The Book of Joshua)

Les Évangiles
(The Gospels)

  • Leçon 1: Introduction aux Évangiles  (Lesson 1: Introduction to the Gospels)
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  • Leçon 2: L’Évangile selon Matthieu  (Lesson 2: The Gospel according to Matthew)
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  • Leçon 3: L’Évangile selon Marc  (Lesson 3: The Gospel according to Mark)
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  • Leçon 4: L’Évangile selon Luc  (Lesson 4: The Gospel according to Luke)
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  • Leçon 5: L’Évangile selon Jean  (Lesson 5: The Gospel according to John)
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L’Épître aux Hébreux
(The Book of Hebrews)

L’épître de Jacques
(The Epistle of James)

Apocalypse de Jean
(The Book of Revelation)

  • Leçon 1: Le contexte de l’Apocalypse  (Lesson 1: The Background of Revelation)
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  • Leçon 2: La structure et le contenu  (Lesson 2: Structure and Content)
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  • Leçon 3: Le roi et son royaume  (Lesson 3: The King and His Kingdom)
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